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Heart Sutra Work Retreat (with Zasep Tulku Rinpoche)
(August 7 - 15, 2015)

Gaden for the West and Gaden Tashi Choling Retreat are pleased to announce this year's Work Retreat to complete the roof for the ramp to the new temple and to perhaps install the floor and heating in the Temple. This 8 day retreat will take place August 7th to August 15th 2015 and will include teachings and practice of the Heart Sutra.

The Heart Sutra is one of the most important sutras and the essence of Perfection of Wisdom Prajanaparamita Sutra. The Heart Sutra is a dialogue between Bodhisattva Avalokeshvara and Arhat Shariputra. Lord Buddha endorsed this sutra. The Heart Sutra is a most popular Sutra chanted everyday in the monasteries in Tibet, Mongolia, China and Japan in order to increase Dharma realizations and wisdom. The Heart Sutra explains the true meaning of Shunyata. Rinpoche will teach us how to accomplish the realization of Shunyata perfect wisdom.

Retreat cost for this 8 day retreat are as follows:

Sliding scale $280 - $400 your choice.

There is no charge for accommodation however it is necessary for us to know if you need accommodation so please say so when you register. To register please contact Sharon Gretzinger at <tenzing1@telus.net> Please also let us know your particular special skills, as well as any particular needs you may have.